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January 30, 2012 / ramonkesteban

Best Brands in Two Way Mobile Radios

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Two way mobile radios are a terrific way of staying in communication and fall into two different categories. There is the FRS, or Family Radio Service type of radios, which can be operated without a licence, but have a 2 mile limit on their transmission range. GMRS radios can have up to 50W for transmit power but most fall into the 1W to 5W range. GMRS also requires the user to obtain a licence.

The advantages of mobile two way radios is that they can be used without call costs to stay in touch in a variety of situations. They are excellent for family camping trips, shopping mall outings, and at sports events. The biggest disadvantage however, is that they achieve their peak operating performance in a line of sight environment. As soon as you introduce obstacles such as walls, trees, and hills into the equation, their performance can degrade considerably.

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January 30, 2012 / ramonkesteban

Buy A Power Supply The Right Way!

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If you buy the wrong power supply you could cause substantial harm to your electronics, yourself and possibly cause a fire. If you buy the correct power supply then you should get trouble-free use of your electronics for quite a long time. Here are some great tips on how to buy a power supply the right way. This is written not by someone who sells power supplies or is doing someone who does a favor. This is written by a licensed ham radio operator that recently needed to think through the process of how to buy a power supply.

The first consideration is how much power you will need. There are three considerations to correctly determine the amount of power you will need.

ยท One consideration is what type of power your power supply will use as an input and output. Most of us are familiar with what we ham radio operators call a “wall wart”. A “wall wart” is the type of converter that plugs directly into your house’s AC outlets (wall outlets). They usually are small plastic box-like plastic contraptions with a small power cord and plug at the other end of it. You probably have used one for a radio, cassette player or other small device from time to time. In this instance, the AC (alternating current) is being converted to DC (direct current).


January 30, 2012 / ramonkesteban

Commercial GPS Systems Mean Savings

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There is no question that cost savings become very simple to understand when you are talking about commercial GPS systems. If you have the system set up in your business, with individuals or vehicles, you are bound to save money. If you don’t have the system, you won’t save money. It sounds a little gimmicky, but it’s true. Many companies that have installed the technology into their businesses are willing to show the data to support the claims.

If you are still one the fence about whether or not to install this particular kind of technology in your business, it is important to look at specific examples where you can save. One of the best examples of cost breakdowns is looking at the money you could save if you had an issue such as a stolen vehicle.

Your business spends a great deal of heard earned money on the delivery and work vehicles. Just the cost of buying a new vehicle can be an incredible amount. New cars, trucks or vans are expensive. Specialty vehicles that you use may be even more expensive. Imagine what you could spend replacing a vehicle that was stolen. You would have to spend money to outfit it for proper use.
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January 30, 2012 / ramonkesteban

Mobile Phone Tracking – Its Disadvantages Explained

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As tracking mobile phones becomes increasingly easy to undertake there are a number of issues regarding the disadvantages and problems that mobile tracking has over conventional tracking devices.

Mobile phone tracking works on sending a signal to the mobile phone and monitoring where the return signal comes from by triangulating the distance from three or more phone masts. The problem with this form of tracking occurs when the phone is in a remote area or somewhere with poor coverage. If the mobile cannot connect to the masts or the signal is too weak then locating a person can be difficult.
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January 30, 2012 / ramonkesteban

GPS: Small Tracking Devices – For Tracking People

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More and more cars are being equipped with GPS systems. They are a good selling tool for automobile manufacturers. Almost all car rental agencies have cars that are equipped with GPS systems. And everyone is familiar with what the GPS system will do. First designed by the government years ago, it features satellites high overhead that pinpoint a location with the receiver on the ground. They have become so sophisticated in recent years that they can pinpoint a location to within a few feet.

But now there are GPS devices that have new uses. GPS devices have been used to track people like jail parolees for years. Tracking devices are used up in Canada, for example, to track people who are stealing cars. Recently one of the offenders cut off his bracelet and threw it out the window of a car he was driving and it landed in the back seat of another stolen car providing police with their location.

Naturalists and oceanographers have used GPS tracking device for years to track endangered species and whales to monitor their movements and habits with great success.
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January 30, 2012 / ramonkesteban

Tips for Better Android GPS

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A common problem with Android devices across the board seems to be the performance of the GPS. Despite the different devices and manufactures, this is a common complaint among Android owners and unfortunately the root cause can be different depending on the device. The GPS signal on Android devices can be very intermittent and sometimes drops the signal or has trouble locking on. Here are some tips to help resolve this problem.

Clear Your Map Cache
Depending on which navigation app you use, such as Google Maps, you can clear your map cache to help get a better lock and faster response time when using GPS. You can find and clear your cache by going to Manage Applications and under Menu choose Filter -> Show All. This will list all apps on your device. Choose each app that uses GPS and clear its cache.

If this does not clear up the problem, it may be an issue with the connection data itself. Your device may not have the correct information to connect to the satellites necessary to use GPS, which is causing the connection problem.
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January 30, 2012 / ramonkesteban

Pros and Cons of the Garmin 1490lmt

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Getting lost while out on a road trip is quite natural; however such a scenario can be easily avoided by drivers if they have the portable Garmin 1490LMT car GPS device. Car owners will never really understand the importance of a GPS device like the one from Garmin until and unless they get stuck in a situation where they cannot find their way and there is no one to guide them.

Travelingis not only a necessity for a majority of the people but it can even be a leisurely activity; however it can quickly become frustrating if people get lost. This is what a portable GPS navigator like the 1490LMT from Garmin prevents and this is what makes it a must have for every car owner out there.

The Garmin 1490LMT GPS device has a 5 inch touchscreen display, therefore when it comes to viewing driving directions they simply need to move their fingers across the screen of the GPS device. The sharp display with amazing colors will allow drivers to clearly view the directions they are seeking. As far as the screen size of this portable GPS device is concerned, it is indeed sufficiently larger. However comparatively, this GPS device itself is rather sleek and slim, while it does not weigh too much as well.
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